What People Missed In The BEDROCK (Gold Panning)

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I’ve just started panning chunky gold from the bedrock people have missed in the past!

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About Busted Knuckles Prospecting:
G’day, I’m Sean and I search for Gold, Treasure and Gemstone’s all over NSW and Victoria in all kinds of way’s.
Metal detecting, Gold panning, Hardrock mining or sometimes Magnet Fishing – If Gold is out there, I’ll find it!
My gold prospecting motto is ” If you aint Busting Knuckles, Your not Prospecting Hard enough”
No matter where I go prospecting and metal detecting for gold, I always have lot’s of fun searching for it.

Thanks for watching and I hope to see You’s in the goldfields again soon.
Email: BustedKnucklesBusiness@gmail.com
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