I Found all THIS GOLD in 1 Day| Metal Detecting| Gold Panning

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I Found all THIS GOLD in 1 Day| Metal Detecting| Gold Panning

I’ve just started panning chunky gold from this bedrock! using my metal detector to locate gold in crevices and then following those crevices into the embankment to pan out all the richest gravels. Come watch as I use my metal detector and gold pan to find real gold in the exposing bedrock cracks and crevices that were missed in the past gold prospecting adventures.

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About Busted Knuckles Prospecting:
G’day, I’m Sean and I search for Gold, Treasure and Gemstone’s all over NSW and Victoria in all kinds of way’s.
Metal detecting, Gold panning, Hardrock mining or sometimes Magnet Fishing – If Gold is out there, I’ll find it!
My gold prospecting motto is ” If you aint Busting Knuckles, Your not Prospecting Hard enough”
No matter where I go prospecting and metal detecting for gold, I always have lot’s of fun searching for it.

Thanks for watching and I hope to see You’s in the goldfields again soon.
Email: BustedKnucklesBusiness@gmail.com
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